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louis bday post

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GREETINGS!!! Happy Christmas Eve and happy birthday to Louis!!! Now let us give thanks for family friends etc, and that 22 years ago on THIS date, the earth was graced with the beauty of Louis Tomlinson, what a great present to receive on Christmas Eve. LOUIs is just so beautiful and handsome, and funny and silly and all ur faves love him, he loves his family and is a very nice boy. Now Let the birthday spam commence!!!

[happy happy birthday!! my precious little bbcake]
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'At school as I was always that guy that made people laugh.'
HE WAS SUCH A CUTE LITTE CHILD, you can't even deny.

i'm gonna start this off with the wORst picture ever, observe.

to go even further have these gifs:

it just gets worse from here on out i'm just warning u proceed with caution


too small?? here's a closeup


he's so fucking cute and he literally puts everything into singing okay

[Sassy, caring, mischievous, kind boy who loves his family, fans and his bandmates]

proud mamas boy

and to end it all off~~

Gifs, and Pix of ur faves loving Louis

“[Louis is] a big influence on everyone in the band because he’s the eldest and has a sense of leadership, so he’ll take charge of emails or phone calls from management. I’m more on the creative side, so I think we both want to take the lead in different ways, which meant it took us a bit longer to bond. We get on brilliantly now though. As soon as we were honest with each other it worked, and we’ve ended up being really close mates.”

Lets start this section off right:

oH and there's this, which should NEVER be forgotten about

and this


flawless otp tbh

this is for noskidaddle cuz she loves it so much

and one more just bc

"Louis is the joker of the band. Not a lot of people get to see but he's also got a very serious side, a very sensitive side... he's always kind of good to talk to when you're feeling a bit down."

"z: I admire that I have a partner in crime

l: we are partners in crime, actually"

look at that booty


“I’d love to be Louis. I’d love to be as out there and confident as he is. He’s always laughing and messing about. He loves the craic. He doesn’t really care what people think!”

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"Louis is just a great person to just, like, sit, and just admire what he's like"
"Louis is spontaneous, loud… loud… and loud"

[BONUS: Spam of Louis w/ children FURTHER proving what a treasure he is]
warning: This section is v. painful and my apologies to you all

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1D Icons

I figured I would post these cause most of them are christmas themed, and the others, well no one really checks my scrapbook so I figured I would post them for everyone!! don't forget my request post is ALWAYS open!

If anything is oversized for LJ let me know and I will fix it, Also my sticky post is now a request post, post your gifs there and i'll get it done asap <3